Should You Hire an Expert on Internet Marketing?

affiliatesaleNewcomers in e-business will most likely have read how profitable having an online business is. The thing is that many newcomers think that they can make their online business as a form of a cash cow where they can easily earn money. As they try to read about how easy it is to open up an online business, what they fail to understand though are the many complexities involved in order to be successful in this business. In fact, there are literally many who have tried this business and failed miserably; all because they did not know the different trade secrets involved.

In any online business, there are different types of strategies that must be applied. Sometimes, you even have to gamble to stay ahead of the competition. Keep in mind that the competition in online business is cut-throat and you will surely be put to place if you do not know what you are doing. This is often the mistakes of new internet entrepreneurs as they fail to understand that in internet business, you need to spend in order to earn. You cannot simply have a website that has very good content and products that earns. It is vital that the website is also properly marketed.

Internet marketing is a service that many online companies provide. It is a niche market wherein they know certain trade secrets in the internet business that can only be achieved through their help. One of the most notable companies providing such service is They know and understand the ins and outs of the business which makes them more capable of making you succeed in the online business through their help.

Emethod has been in this trade for a long time which is the very reason why they know what works, what does not work, and what no longer works. If you want to succeed as an online entrepreneur, you would surely want to employ their services as becoming successful in online business is far-fetched without the assistance of an internet marketing company. It is only through their knowledge of internet marketing that you can reach success as an online entrepreneur. Employing such services is actually one of the secrets that successful internet entrepreneurs do that unsuccessful ones do not do.


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Coming This Friday

A few months back we did a little photo shoot and this Friday we’ll be publishing one of the photos from that shoot…just in time for the Holidays.

We hope you’ll check back on Friday to see what we’ve done.  Let’s just say it is Calendar Girls meets cowboy meets No Mega Quarry holiday.…

Liberals Announce Review Of Aggregate Resources Act (ARA)

Bolton – Lori Holloway, the Ontario Liberal candidate for Dufferin-Caledon, has confirmed today that the Ontario Liberal Party will commit to a review of the Aggregate Resources Act.

“Our review will help move Ontario forward on both environmental protection and clearer policies that will support the industry and protect communities.” said Lori Holloway.

Ontario Liberals will review The Aggregate Resources Act — the law that regulates the licencing and operations of aggregate pits and quarries across Ontario. The review will identify where pits and quarries will be allowed to operate. It will balance environmental, community and economic concerns and take into account best practices from other regions.

“We want to work together with the community and the aggregate industry to make sure future quarries align with the expectations of Ontarians,” said Holloway. “That’s why we’ll work with industry experts and community members to protect the environment and plan effectively where aggregate should be planned for in the future.”

The review will draw upon research conducted through the 2010 State of the Aggregate Resource in Ontario Study (SAROS), and consultations with stakeholders.  It will also build on new voluntary initiatives that have brought together environmental and industry players.

“This is another significant example of the different it makes when Dufferin-Caledon has a strong voice speaking up for our communities.  PC candidate Sylvia Jones has been indecisive on her position.  I have been the strongest voice on this issue for the riding, and pleased with this commitment by the Premier and the Ontario Liberal Party.”

“We have an Environmental Assessment on the Highlands Melancthon quarry application which will be beneficial in the short term; we now have a commitment to review the ARA to assist the province in dealing with long-term environmental issues, and the ever-growing demand of aggregate in Ontario.  Dufferin-Caledon needs my voice at Queen’s Park to best represent our community in this review, and to ensure this review is done right.”

“My position has been clear from day one, a review of the ARA is necessary in order to keep policies current and better aligned with today’s high environmental and industrial standards. If elected, I will continue to push for a moratorium on quarry applications whereby quarries cannot be built on class 1, 2 or 3 agricultural land, unmapped watersheds, or quarries that extend below the water table until the ARA review is complete.”

Under the last PC government, Ontario was one of the worst places in North America for environmental safety. The Hudak PCs would take us backwards — their $14 billion hole would mean deep cuts to environmental protection.

The Horwath NDP has turned its back on the environment — their priority would be to subsidize gas-guzzlers and they have consistently failed to support our progressive environmental initiatives like the Endangered Species Act, the Far North Act and the cosmetic pesticides ban.…

Downstream, Downtown Part II

With the help of Patagonia Toronto, Choir! Choir! Choir!, Bruce Davidson, Maude Barlow, Donna Dooher and Bruce Philp we hosted a magical Downstream, Downtown event last night in Toronto.

Following on the tail of the first Downstream, Downtown event hosted by Marben in July last night’s event focussed specifically on the issue of water.

A short film by Jason van Bruggen entitled ‘SAVE OUR WATER’ followed. Powerful commentary by a variety of stakeholders, coupled with beautiful visuals makes this 5 minute video a great way to quickly understand what is at risk.

The evening then continued with memorable words from Donna Dooher, chef at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, who reminded us of the scarcity of water and how we need to protect it.  Up next was Maude Barlow from the Council of Canadians who had just returned from a mission in Guatemala.  She reminded us of the sheer insanity of the proposed mega quarry and pledged her help to the movement.  The evening closed out with the words of Bruce Davidson from Concerned Walkerton Citizens who recounted the horror of Walkerton and urged individuals to get involved.…

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