Best Explainer Video Software

Explainer Video Software

There are so many ways on how to create explainer videos.

But the most critical part of all is to learn how to create a high-quality explainer video. It is best to start correctly than to waste your time creating the wrong video for your product or service.

To help you be able to create an engaging explainer video here is the top best explainer video software that you can use.

Top Best Explainer Video Software

  • Animaker

This is an animation company that helps businesses across the world to make videos. They have a work truck record that is amazing. It uses 5 different video styles and 120 different types of animations. In addition to this, they can create high quality animated videos with less effort, cost and time for you. This company is the best to higher when you are using typography and infographics template styles.

  • My Simple Show

This is known as a market leader for professional explainer video production. This company has developed simple online tools that make it easier for people to create their explainer videos. They provide services which result in professional videos. It uses a hand image dragging elements across the screen and sweeping them away unlike the standard whiteboard explainer video, which uses a marker or a pen in a whiteboard animation.

  • RawShorts

Raw Shorts is an excellent software to consider especially when you are looking for DIY whiteboard animation creator software. There transitions and effects are very impressive. It is a simple, powerful explainer video software. You will enjoy using their texts, media, and audio techniques. You can create a video for yourself or your business since they will provide a free whiteboard animation.

  • Wideo

With Wideo, creating a professional-looking video is very simple just as dragging and dropping elements and uploading your images. It has the best animation maker online tool. Wideo provides whiteboard templates that a user can easily edit for a faster and amazing result. Therefore, it means that even if you don’t have any experience of creating a great video, Wideo will make it possible for you.


I hope that this article will help you to choose the best explainer video software to work with.It is undeniable that video marketing continues to rule the marketing world today. Most people embrace it because of its incredible benefits. The video platform has affected people’s lives positively as it continues to develop.

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