Best Tools for Editing Animated Videos

Editing Animated Videos

You don’t have to worry since I will help you get the best tools to edit your animated videos. You do not need to spend huge money on video editors to perform tasks as adding titles, making custom animations and scrolling texts. Find a good video editing software that is complimentary and very fast, one that you can produce home movies, video podcasts or web film footage.

In this list, I am going to focus on the best programs based on versatility and also how useful it can be to an average user or lower budget video maker who wants the ability to produce professional looking videos.

The top programs to use in editing your animated videos:

1)       Final Cut Studio

I choose final cut studio as my number 1, despite it just being only available on Macintosh computers. There are a lot of consumer-friendly versions and options for a Final cut. Final Cut Studio is a name of a whole package that comes together with motion, a special effects editing program, an animated text program and more. Final Cut is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to edit videos. It is useful for serious video editors and even studio editing facilities.

2)       Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe has many must-have programs and different programs; all these are available on both Mac and Windows. The video editing application that we are going to talk about here is the Adobe Premiere. It comes with some creative suite packages, or you can also buy it stand alone. The Adobe premiere has all the tools that you can need as a basic video editor and also depending on which creative suite (CS) package you get.

3)       Avid Media Composer

Avid has been considered one of the primary video editing applications in the professional world for so long, and it is still used somewhere around 50% of all primary production houses. Avid is the most accurate video editor when it comes to database managing tools for frame accuracy control, organizing maintaining color levels and broadcast. When you use Avid, you will be able to put together really cool animated stuff.


There are only a few packages that offer a refocusing tool that allows you to refocus distorted or fuzzy videos to restore the project. If this is of some importance to you, then it is crucial to make sure the package offers the tool. All the editing software allows text animation, titles and scrolling credits to be added to the video.

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