The Best Software Solutions for Explainer Videos that Will Get You Results

Some people think that the time it takes to create an explainer video is simply too much of an investment for what those videos are, but we are here to tell you just the opposite of that. These types of videos, when made in the right way, can have an amazing impact on your business and the way in which your customers take in your products and services, as well as your brand as a whole which makes the time that you invest in them completely and totally worth it. If you are interested in creating such a video but don’t really have any experience, then using a software is a great option and in this article we will show you some of the best of them. Moovly The people behind Moovly have come up with a software that is a great online tool which is very precise and available for anyone to use. Something that really sets it apart from other software is the fact that you, as the user and video creator, will be able to add your own video and audio clips if you have any, which is not something that you can do on a lot of other video creating software systems. Another great and special tool that it has is the unique doodle making tool, which can be very useful when you want to get really creative. Moovly studio has collaborated with Shuterstock which is why it has over 150 million digital assets and 500.000 of them are assets that are royalty free. The only thing you need to do in order to get all of these amazing offers is get a customer’s subscription and you are good to go. Easy Sketch Pro This is an online software that allows you to create doodle-style animated videos and it already has more than 55.000 happy customers who are already making some great use of it and it is growing in popularity every day. Even though this is the newest explainer video software, it is still up there going head to head with some of the oldest and best. The doodle tool is something that will help any user create great whiteboard explainer videos, because those videos are all about the doodle drawings. Something that you can also do with this software is use the interactive hotspots LIVE in your videos which will allow you to link all of your different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and so on which will help your customers find your brand on all of those places with ease. GoAnimate This is another online animation tool and what is characteristic about this particular one is that it is the fastest software on which to create your explainer video, especially when it comes to the accessibility of the software and its features. Another great thing is that you really don’t need a team of experts to help you when using this software and even though it isn’t free, the fact that it is super user-friendly and comes with some amazing add-ons and effects really makes the investment worth it. When it comes to your video, nothing is out of limits for what you can do with this software which is especially great if you do have some experience or just have some great ideas that you want to incorporate. When you get their subscription, you will also get unlimited creation, hosting and downloading which is not something you get with any software and is also part of what makes GoAnimate special. There is nothing better than using a good software when you don’t really know where to start. Most of them come with some great templates, while others simply let you do so much that you wouldn’t even think of using a template. None of these things are bad and it is all up to you and what you personally prefer, so take a good look at the options and decide which software will be the best for your explainer videos.

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