Top YouTube Explainer Videos

YouTube Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are some short online marketing videos which can be used to explain your company’s services or products. Explainer videos are often placed on a landing page, a prominent product page or your website’s homepage. Explainer videos have become extremely popular. We cannot debate that online videos are very fantastic assets for your business.

Best YouTube Explainer Videos:

  • Dollar shave club

Dollar shave club knows their audience pretty well, and this makes it work so well. The video’s both language and humor matches their ideal audience perfectly. Dollar shave club is a good example of a well-structured explainer video. They always start with a brief overview of the service. They also introduce the problem. And finally, they also re-iterate the solution that their service offers.

  • PooPourri

PooPourri and Dollar Shave Club have some styles that are similar. PooPourri is successful for the same reasons just like the Dollar Shave Club is.You will notice that PooPourri’s video is largely live action, but again it switches to some animation to show the intricacies of how popoourri works.Poopourri is outrageous and so is their humor too.

  • Mint

Mint is a great example why some businesses are much better of with animation than live action. Mint takes advantage of animation to illustrate how it draws financial information from various parts of the user’s life and curates it all into just one setup. This video also uses screenshots of the actual product, and it helps viewers to be familiar with the products design and also the arrangement.

  • Spotify

It relies exclusively on fun animation and a rocking soundtrack to be able to explain their digital music service. Spotify does not over complicate, but instead, it relies on a tune and a few lines of text to show that they are all about music. The Spotify design perfectly fits the color scheme.



I hope that this article will be of help to you. You can also learn how to make your explainer videos and let other people view it.It will not cost you a lot to create your video.

It will never hurt you to use interesting visuals to keep your viewers focused. Always try to show your product or service in action as people would always want to see what you do. Most of the videos are always short, that means they are simple to understand.

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